You are our priority
Public participation in National Development has been continuously promoted. As you can see the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand since B.E. 1997 until the recently Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand B.E. 2560,
has same principle which is the importance of public participation process. Because the people own the highest power called sovereignty which leads to the reform of the Thai political system and country administration.
Thai Government take various sectors participation, whether private, public or civil society, as priority to encourage PARTICIPATORY GOVERNANCE to Open Government Partnership (OGP). The main intent is to improve public services to response people needs.
4 December 2018, Thai Cabinet passed a resolution by assigning the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission or OPDC to take responsibility to drive Thailand to be Open Government Partnership membership.
Open Government Partnership Concept
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This includes publication of all government-held information (as opposed to only information on government activities); proactive or reactive releases of information; mechanisms to strengthen the right to information; and open access to government information.
There are rules, regulations, and mechanisms in place that call upon government actors to justify their actions, act upon criticisms or requirements made of them, and accept responsibility for failure to perform with respect to laws or commitments. Commitments on accountability should typically include an outward-facing component (i.e., they are not solely accountable to internal systems, but also involve the public).
Public participation
Governments seek to engage citizens in a dialogue on public policies or programs, and request their input, feedback, and contributions, which lead to more responsive, innovative, and effective governance.
Technology and innovation
Governments embrace the importance of providing citizens with open access to technology, the role of new technologies in driving innovation, and the many benefits of increasing its capacity. Technology and innovation cannot be a stand-alone principle but must support/advance the previous three principles.